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Columbus Parking Garage Overpass
Boston, MA 02115

Daniel  Anguilu

100  Years of Solitude  
April 22–29,  2014 – 2023

Graffiti  artist Daniel  Anguilu ’s style is inspired by his Mexican heritage. He paints with abstract shapes, animal imagery, and vibrant color.  His art, which appears mostly on freight trains and large-scale walls, has become increasingly more visible around his hometown of Houston.  He has painted  murals in the United  States, Mexico, Peru, and Italy.

Anguilu’s  mural at Northeastern in 2014  formally  kicked off the university’s  Public Art Initiative. He painted  the work  on the wall of the stairway and ramp leading to a  pedestrian bridge that traverses the MBTA tracks and connects the Columbus Avenue  parking garage to  Northeastern’s  main campus.  Within his abstract mural are images of trains, faces, butterflies, and representations of daily life.

“I’m interested in the rhythm of the piece. I picked friendly colors that aren’t aggressive. I’m playing more with movement and shapes. I like the fact that you can feel yourself moving with it.”   

—Daniel  Anguilu

The imagery in the  mural references  One Hundred Years of Solitude, a novel by  Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, who died  just days before  Anguilu  arrived on campus.  Anguilu  read portions of the book  during his stay at Northeastern and, inspired,  named the mural in  the author’s honor.

Anguilu  returned in 2018 to  expand the mural and  add new  elements.