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Cargill Hall
45 Forsyth St.
Boston, MA 02115

Jef  Aérosol

French Intervention  
June 1–15, 2015

Urban stencil artist Jean-François Perroy, who was born in France and is better known as Jef  Aérosol, is considered a pioneer of “urban art” and remains an influence among younger generations of street artists.

Northeastern commissioned  Aérosol  to install a large-scale stencil on the Huntington Avenue side of Cargill Hall, as well as some of his signature stencils around campus.

Aérosol  often paints celebrities and cultural icons such as Elvis Presley, Gandhi, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix,  and Amália Rodrigues.  But he also  devotes  equal attention in  his work to  the anonymous characters  we see on  the street:  street performers, passersby, beggars, kids, the elderly, and  other  ordinary people.  His  art  is featured in cities across the world, and the mysterious red arrows that appear on all his works have become his trademark.

“The street, the city, a university campus can be open-air museums.”  

—Jef  Aérosol,  on his philosophy about art in the public sphere