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East Village
291 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA 02115

John Park

Reality Check II  
Sept. 8–30, 2015

John  Park is a  muralist, illustrator, and 3D cardboard sculptor. He  describes his style as a mixture of classical influences and the street art he discovered in Los Angeles, where he works and resides.

Park, who was born in South Korea,  created a mural in the lobby of  Northeastern’s East Village  depicting  two figures  hovering  midair  over an urban landscape; whether the figures are flying or falling, he says, is up to people’s own interpretation.

Park’s  large-scale murals, which  blend together  figurative work with colorful and abstract backgrounds,  can be found  in  businesses and in neighborhoods throughout the country. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History  commissioned him to create a wearable Tyrannosaurus rex  skull for the opening of its updated Fossil Hall exhibit in 2019.

“When you leave space for the viewer to bring themselves into the piece, that completes the relationship between the artist and the viewer. I personally don’t do art where a very clear message, a very clear narrative,  is driven home.”  

—John Park