Tomislav Topic Headshot

Art Location

Knowles Center

Richardson Plaza
416 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115


Sept. 1-15, 2019

Tomislav Topic and Thomas Granseuer comprise the Berlin-based street art duo known as Quintessenz, who combine color, shape, and movement to transform environments. They have developed a unique and unmistakable style that has roots in graffiti culture, chromatics, and graphic design. Their work has been featured in exhibits and public spaces worldwide.

Topic, with his assistant, Robert Westphal, created an installation at Northeastern that has redefined two entrances to the university’s Richardson Plaza. Gemini, which marks the first temporary public art installation on the plaza, consists of 76 unique hand-painted mesh banners hung from steel structures.

“Usually when you’re creating, you create the form first, and then pick a color for it. We want to put the color first.” 

—Tomislav Topić 

The banners serve as vibrant gateways that shift and shimmer in the light and wind, creating an optical illusion as they move and ripple against each other.